Restaurante Donde

Claudio Y Gloria

Tradition since 1955

Traditional Beachfront Restaurant

For 60+ years, Restaurante Donde Claudio Y Gloria has graced Playas del Coco’s beachfront. Since 1955, Claudio y Gloria’s legacy began in Guanacaste, overcoming challenges to reach this sunlit shore.

This eatery is a nexus of flavors and shared moments, embodying “pura vida” ideals. Today, it’s a modern tribute to history, blending old and new in its menu. Patrons enjoy dishes embodying love, a tale that shaped this beloved haven.

Our Chef’s Culinary Artistry Comes to Life at Our Beachfront restaurant. Join Us for a Flavourful Dinner Experience that Resonates with Authenticity and Purity. Let Your Senses Indulge in the Delights of Our International Cuisine.”


Embrace the Warmth of Family Togetherness with Our Delightful Beachfront Breakfast. A Perfect Start to Your Day, Where Joyful Moments and Flavorful Bites Unite. Join Us and Create Cherished Memories Over Breakfast by the Sea.

Experience vibrant beachfront events at Restaurante Donde Claudio y Gloria. Join us in Playas del Coco, Costa Rica, and discover what’s happening. Check our page for updates and join the festivities!

Our historic charm

Nestled on Playas del Coco’s sun-kissed shores since 1955, Claudio and Gloria’s Restaurant is a cherished tradition. This coastal spot, beyond dining, echoes Claudio and Gloria’s dreams. In vibrant Playas del Coco, their family’s journey nurtured dreams and regional tourism.

Claudio and Gloria persevered despite challenges, pioneering Guanacaste’s tourism. Their legacy started with the restaurant’s birth, now iconic in Playas del Coco. “Claudio y Gloria” symbolize tradition and the dawn of beachfront dining.

From San Jose to Playas del Coco, Claudio’s name resonated. With the son Javier’s leadership, “Donde Claudio” emerged, honouring familiarity. Adding his mothers name Gloria, the restaurant became “Restaurante Donde Claudio y Gloria,” etching their shared journey. A tradition-rich beacon of family and culinary excellence graces Playas del Coco’s shores.

The pier at Playas del Coco in the 70’s

Lunchtime at Restaurante Donde Claudio y Gloria,

Beachfront dining

Fun time is any time at Claudio y Gloria’s

The Pier at Playas Del Coco in the 80’s

Nomad working beachfront

Beachfront rooms at Claudio y Gloria, 1970

Beachfront rooms at Claudio y Gloria,  2024

Beach front accomodation

Beachfront rooms at
Claudio y Gloria

Discover serenity at Claudio y Gloria’s Beachfront Cabins. Originally housing 100 cabins, we’ve embraced the maritime law’s call for preservation, leaving behind 10 idyllic beachfront cabins for your escape.

Each cabin offers a complementary breakfast at Donde Claudio y Gloria’s restaurant, and features like air conditioning, TV, and private beach beds ensure a comfortable stay. Prices range from $70-$95 for two guests, with a $15 addition for extra guests, offering an inviting beachfront retreat for all seasons.